The Open door ministry is dedicated to spreading God's good news through the use of tracts and written media. We have chosen tracts because they have the ability to go places that feet can't always go. Our tracts, like the gospel, are given freely to anyone that wants them. Our focus however, is on those that cannot easily get Christian literature on their own. Those that are incarcerated or unable to leave their homes due to physical problems are the beneficiaries of this ministry. They are our focus and drive to keep this ministry going and growing. If you are a member of our church and want to be involved in this ministry, please send a message using the contact page of this website. Leave a way to contact you and the right person will make that contact. I will be working on making a list below of as many tracts as I can put online. They are completely free to read, download, print and distribute.

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A Dream Come True | By Diane Johnston
Cherished Motherhood | By Lorraine Minor
Divine Amnesty | By Dr. David Minor
Spanish-Levantate y al desierto | Por Dr. David Minor
Faith is the coin of Gods Kingdom | By Dr. David Minor
The Divine Hand of God | By unknown
The Glory is Not Ours | By Michelle Dorris
The Power of One | By Sophia Minor
Stay With Mark | By Midge Houghtaling
Surrender | By James Minor
Through It All | By Noel Pitre
The Day I Said No To God | By Midge Houghtaling
Trusting In the Storm | By Midge Houghtaling
Who Else Can I Call? | By Midge Houghtaling
When Pharaoh Drew Near | By T.M. Batterson
Woman, you are free | By Dr. David Minor
The Lord is my Shepherd | By Dr. David Minor
From Drugs to Deliverance | By Sharon Glover
Breaking the Hold of Money | By Janet Kreis
Passing Through the Valley of Baca | By Dr. David Minor
An Angel in Disguise | By Dr. E. Lee Bez
Rejected Forsaken Buried | By Anna Pitre
God Loves you. . . Just as You Are | By Kitty Killingsworth